Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Some of My Thoughts This Tuesday Night

Today is Tuesday, just a week and five days away from our wedding.  I am really sorry for the lack of posts lately.   The wedding chores, plus work, have left me too tired to think about blogging.  It doesn't mean though that I don't miss it or that I don't miss you guys.  I do....

Anyway, here's what I am thinking this Tuesday night.

1. I have just been to the first rehearsal of our Beauty and the Beast school play.....no, I am not Belle.  But I am happy to be playing a role with a speaking part this  time.  

2.  It's almost December and like most of my countrymen,  I usually do my Christmas countdown in September.  However, it is different this year.  I don't think of Christmas as often as I used to.  I actually don't even feel it coming.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I am excitedly waiting for our wedding day.  Maybe after the wedding , it would feel Christmas all of a sudden.

3. My sister is on her 37th week of pregnancy and the baby doesn't show any signs of wanting to get out of my sister's tummy yet!   I hope she gives birth this week. 

4.  As I have said, it's barely two weeks before my wedding and I don't think there'll be any bridal shower for me.   I didn't have any shower before my first wedding  and I was hoping I could experience it this time.  

My sister already had two baby showers for this baby.   I never had a shower, bridal, baby or whatever.......

Hmm....the only shower I have experienced is the shower I take every day, in the confines of my bathroom.

So these are my thoughts, minus a few I chose not to mention.  

I'll be hitting the hay now.... so exhausted!


  1. Awww, I think everyone should experience some sort of shower...baby or bridal. If I was closer, I would definitely throw you one! :-)

    I can't believe how close the wedding is!! How exciting! I'm sure it'll feel more like Christmas for you once the busy bustle of the wedding winds down a bit.

    I know you said previously you wanted to email me something, but I never received it...? Did you send it? Here is my addy just in case: smaurer18@gmail.com :-)

    1. Awww, thanks so much for the thought, Sara! I wish you were here!

      I already sent the email. Didn't you get it?

  2. 'Hope you get the shower you want. Anyway, it's still more than a week before the wedding. Advance best wishes!

    1. Hahahaha! Fat chance.
      Thanks! Please help me pray for good weather.


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