Monday, December 5, 2016

Celebrating Four Years of Happy-Ever-After

Four years have passed since Ruel and I started our happy-ever-after.  Our marriage, like most marriages, is far from perfect.  In those four years we have had our share of petty quarrels, the ups and downs that married people usually experience and the roller-coaster ride of emotions that couples having trouble conceiving usually feel.  It's been just four years and we already have three angels in Heaven. It's been  a hard four years, yes.  But generally, we have been happy.  There are a lot to be thankful for and to be celebrated.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 2nd of December.  We initially promised to have a yearly celebration in the city where we were wed but I could not leave school last Friday due to the fact that another teacher in my area resigned from work and it would have been harder for the school if I filed a leave of absence.  

We had a simple dinner after school instead.

We went to Tagaytay the next day (the day after our wedding anniversary) to have a proper celebration.  And to me, a proper celebration will and should always include gazing at the Taal Volcano and its surrounding lake, and going to the the church where we were married.

Lunch buffet at the Veranda, Taal Vista Hotel

Four years, three angel babies and ten pounds heavier , here we are!

This is the church where we were wed, less the white building in the background.

We went back to the church to pray for more happy and healthy years together, for a healthy and normal baby and to be more financially stable.

And while we were on our way home,  we saw this rainbow.....I took it as a sign of HOPE, a sign of God's promise.

I look forward to a happier year, with many beautiful surprises and answered prayers, to a brighter future and to many more happy wedding anniversaries.

God is good all the time!


  1. Happy anniversary to you two! You look wonderful together. I hope God grants you all you hope for.

  2. Hi Claire! I read your comment on this blog about grief ( and knew about the baby you lost due to hydrops fetalis. I can relate. Our first born also suffered from the same fate. He only lived for four hours. I never saw his face as I was still groggy in the recovery room after an emergency cs and things just happened so fast. It was heart-breaking. Weird, but I just felt the need to let you know about my story, too. My husband and I are trying to conceive again as it's been four years already. We're keeping our faith in God, that one day He'll give us another child and that I'll see and be with our angel in heaven one day. :)

    Edel Mabalay-Techo

    1. Hello Edel. Thanks for leaving a post. I'm sorry to hear about your baby. I wish and pray that God will bless us both with a normal and healthy baby this new year. Happy 2017!


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