Sunday, August 14, 2016

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Monday Morning

I just can't understand why some establishments have their people check receipts of customers at the exit.  I mean, I do understand that they're doing it to make sure nobody is leaving without paying but what I don't understand is why they risk offending paying customers by asking to check their receipts. I mean, why not install cameras and tighten security at the check out counters to make sure everybody really passes through the cashiers?  I don't know about other people, but my husband and I get irritated when security guards at the exit ask for our receipt.

What happened at Landers yesterday was worse.  We applied for membership on the same day and went on to have a crowded shopping experience.  That was fine.  After paying for our items,  we were stopped by one of their staff who was standing a few meters away from the cashier.  She asked for our receipt and then started rummaging through our bags, taking some items out, counting the items and checking the items off the receipt, one by one.  I mean, what right did she have touching the things we paid for and therefore OWNED without asking for our permission?  I calmly told her, "Alam mo Miss, hindi niyo dapat ginagawa yan kasi nakaka-offend ng customer. Ano bang gusto niyong palabasin, na kumuha kami ng mga items na hindi namin binayaran?" (You  know, you shouldn't do that because it is offensive.  What are you trying to imply, that we got items that we didn't pay for?) And what really irritated me was the way she sarcastically grinned as she went on checking our items.  She didn't even stop to look at me and my husband while we were talking to her.  I felt all my blood going up to my face.  I could only imagine what my face looked like.  Usually, I don't go back after such lousy treatment from an establishment but I already paid for a membership card.  I just wouldn't renew next year. These  membership stores check receipts to ensure accuracy of all transactions ( so they say).  If that's their goal then they have to train their cashiers properly and  let them be the one to ensure everything is encoded properly in their machines.  After that, items I paid for are mine, and therefore cannot be touched or unpacked without my permission.  I just can't understand why nobody else is complaining.

The only thing that made the day better was the wine ice cream we bought.

I'm sitting on my bed, hoping I didn't have a pile of laundry waiting to be washed.  It's a rainy day. Classes in Metro Manila have been suspended and all I wish is some "me" time under the covers while watching a feel-good movie on DVD.

I would probably have to postpone the laundry til after lunch.  Then I'll force my son to watch a marathon of Flash or Hawaii Five-O (or any of the series that he likes) with me in the living room while the machine helps me with the laundry.  For now, I'll have to do a little organizing in the bedroom.

What are you up to this rainy Monday?  What irritates you as a customer?

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  1. I have not tried shopping there yet. That's horrible though. They should install those machines at the exit that beep and yes more CCTV if they're too paranoid with their merchandise instead of bothering customers on their way out.


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