Sunday, March 1, 2015

There's Nothing Sweeter than a Lazy Day

I wish I could have more days like this.

Lazy days like this is what I always crave for, specially now that I am almost four months pregnant.

I didn't have to do much today.  In fact, the only productive thing I did was to make some pastillas de leche, a sugary-milky dessert that's well-loved by Filipinos.

I hate milk but I like dairy products like pastillas, so for lack of a better thing to do, I decided to gather the ingredients and make some for my family. (I had some paperwork I brought home from school but I liked making pastillas more, so the paperwork just had to wait.)

my pastillas de leche

They're just easy to make.  The hardest part is in the mixing.  If you would like to try it, here's how I made mine.

What you need:

300 ml condensed milk
300 g full cream milk powder
white sugar

What to do:
1.Mix the condensed milk and powdered milk in a bowl.  Be sure to mix it thoroughly.
2. Get a small lump, dip it in white sugar and roll your lump into a nice little ball.
3. Once you have your desired ball shape, roll it in the sugar and make sure you have the whole ball   coated with sugar.  Set your coated ball aside in a container. 
4. Repeat numbers 2 and 3 until nothing remains of the mixture.

I normally would want this sweeter, probably using 350 ml of condensed milk instead of just 300 but this would do for a pregnant woman like me.

What about you, what have you been up to today?


  1. Oh lovely sadly not for me as I cannot eat the dairy they remind a little of round doughnuts though :) thanks for sharing so glad to hear you're well x

  2. I can almost taste the pastillas, yum! It reminds me of childhood. The pleasure of free time and slowing down is the sweetest. You deserve it and your little bub too. :)


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