Tuesday, July 9, 2013

August Blog a Day Challenge

I have been very poor at posting something lately but I would like to change that.

I think what I need is another blog challenge.  Since August is the month of my birthday, I've decided to host one in August.

Here are the prompts I've thought of:

Day 1:  Write a letter to the 9-year old you
Day 2: The most important lesson you learned from a teacher
Day 3: A scary moment in your life
Day 4: Share a recipe
Day 5: First
Day 6: Something from your childhood
Day 7: Your favorite place
Day 8: Who are you most like (your mom or your dad)?
Day 9: Which part of your body do you like least?
Day 10: Your usual Sunday
Day 11: Things you're looking forward to this year
Day 12: Your idea of a great day
Day 13: What color suits you best?
Day 14:  If your life was a book, how would the blurb read?
Day 15: Twenty simple pleasures
Day 16: What makes you cry?
Day 17: Write about a piece of jewelry you own
Day 18: Your favorite time of the day
Day 19: What makes you angry?
Day 20: A grade school memory
Day 21:  If  I were not a ___________, I would probably be a ____________.
Day 22:  Name three of your favorite books.
Day 23: Your favorite month
Day 24: When do you feel proud?
Day 25: Share something weird (may be a tangible thing you saw or own, may be a weird thing that
                                                  happened to you, etc.)
Day 26:  What do you like most in the place where you live?
Day 27: Talk about Facebook.
Day 28: What's the biggest challenge you've ever had to face?
Day 29: Best
Day 30:  Ten things you will never do
Day 31: Five bad habits you need to break.

I can't wait to post something every day again and I hope you join me in this challenge. There are no rules. All you have to do is to type your name in the linky which you will find in each of my blog posts during the challenge, then find time to visit other participating bloggers.


  1. This sounds great! I'll have to remind myself to link up in August!

  2. This is such a fun idea and you have some fun subjects. I've been thinking about doing something like this but I never find the time to blog every day! good luck with the challenge! :)


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