Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Wish...v. 2

I wish tomorrow is not a work day. It's just the middle of the week and I am so exhausted.  I like teaching the kids but the kids I'm handling this year just leaves me too exhausted to do anything else at the end of the day.  Imagine having thirty-five  nine-year-old's in a class.  Multiply that by three because I have three classes.

I wish my nephew could stay here with us a little bit longer.  My sister, her husband, their baby, Emilio, together with their two helpers have been camping out in our home since yesterday morning.   Their house is in a flood-prone area and because of the weather, they decided to stay here for a couple of days.  It's just so nice to come home with a baby in the house again.

I wish I could control my appetite.  I have grown so big over the summer.  I saw a photo of me sitting down and I couldn't believe how big my thighs were!  I tried measuring my thighs and compared it with Ruel's and I was shocked to fnd out that there was very little difference!  Imagine that!

What do you wish for today?


  1. I can't imagine handling that much kids. I wish you some relaxing me-time after a day at work. I wish for more courage to face something I'm really really scared of facing for years now, like a new job that I've always wanted but scared of failing to do it. Wish me luck.

  2. Thanks, Arni. I can relate to being scared of failing. I wish you'll have the courage to face the things you fear. You seem stronger than I am. I know you'll find the courage you seek. Best of luck!

  3. That's a lot of kids to handle. you need a vacation.

  4. You are a trooper- it takes a special person to be a teacher. Especially for nine year olds!

  5. I understand the exhaustion of working with children (I'm a primary school teacher) and it sounds like you could use this weekend to relax. I hope you get to do that.


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